In the Shadow of Stone Mountain

In June of 2024, 15 youth researchers studied Shermantown, a historically Black community within Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Sage and SOphia

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Our mission is to uphold the cultural history of Stone Mountain while no longer glorifying the negative legacies of its past.


My photography puts the past of Shermantown next to pictures of its present.


I studied how the Georgia flag has changed and why, ending with a recommendation for a future flag that better represents our state.



My research was on the relationship between James Venable and the residents of Shermantown.


I studied how different generations talk about race and racism.



I researched the history of schools in Shermantown. Click here to download my work: Education in Shermantown

I also created advertisements and did face painting at the Juneteenth Celebration.



I researched Black Entrepreneurship in Shermantown. Click here to download my findings: Black Business Owners



I created art inspired by Stone Mountain Park, Shermantown, and Juneteenth.



I researched the role of mental health during incarceration and the exploitation of unsalaried labor for the incarcerated.